This is the first single release from foXee´s EP called „Wonderland“!
„Long Live the Queen“ is about a young, very talanted singer who is doubting her life every once in a while due to her borderline disease. This song shall give her courage to not take those demons inside her head too seriously but to focus on the beauty in life, and even more than that, to believe in her own strengths.

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WE ARE STARS – Lukas Jakob feat. foXee
We are Stars is the first cooperation between the young multitalent and patron of art Lukas Jakob and foXee. This impelling pop-track tells the story of two people magically attracted by each other but in the end not meant for each other: two stars that would collide if their orbit would ever cross.

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TIME AFTER TIME – Ixdream feat. foXee
There was nothing more obvious to the producer than choosing foXee as a lead-singer for the worldwide popular hit by Cindy Lauper. Not only that foXee’s hair color brings the right look, but also the sound of her voice is as captivating as Cindy’s, encapsulated in a modern guise.
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RING MY BELL – Ixdream feat. foXee
Continuing their great cooperation under the sign of Electrocross, Ixdream and foXee combined funky guitars, brilliant beats, and again foXee´s delicate vocals for an at the same time warm and dancy version of the well down disco classic Ring My Bell. Melt away by listening to the radio edit or dance your a… off along to the orange pepper mix.