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WONDERLAND – Release #4

“Should I stay or should I go?” This is a question we often ask ourselves in relationships. And often all it takes is that one sign, that one gesture from our loved one and everything changes and we begin to hope anew.

This longing is described by foXee in her new single “Give me a Reason”, a sensitive country-pop song with a lot of emotion and warmth.

WONDERLAND – Release #3

Temptation is probably foXee’s most personal song. It tells about a toxic love, from which breaking out seems almost impossible: overwhelming emotions, love and pain, despair and inner turmoil. In the end all the pain helps to grow and to rise like the phoenix from the ashes. Temptation brings the great emotions of a dependent love to the stage. Nothing is harder than to say goodbye to a love when you realize that you are powerless against this game. Temptation comes along as a modern electro ballad and captivates with the delicate as well as haunting lyrics and vocals of foXee.

WONDERLAND – Release #2

“High Times” invites you on a magical journey through the Wonderland to the inner self. We all experience times that are demanding and gray. As a good mood song, High Times is a counterpoint to this, leading squeakily into an imaginative world: Unicorns, dancing red trees and blue elephants setting sail, the Cheshire Cat as a companion over the rainbow to the pot of gold….
All in all, High Times is danceable good mood pop with anthemic vocals, a catchy beat and a fairy-tale break-up message, in which many find themselves and feel positively driven.

foXee & Lukas Jakob #3

Burn is a somber, sexy, and glamorous song all at the same time. Playing between flaming projections, foXee puts on a passionate performance and evokes the allure of the forbidden in lines like „heat in a lie“. Accompanied by jumping slap house basses, the listener is immersed in a refreshing track that turn the living room into a dance floor.

foXee & Lukas Jakob #2

The second cooperation between Lukas Jakob & foXee is bringing us right back into the clubs and to the 80ies as well. In the video for „In my Mind“ neon tubes, dancers and led stripes bounce to the beat and haunting vocals. Everything reminds a little bit of a love story like it could have happened in some club before the pandemic.

WONDERLAND – Release #1

This is the first single release from foXee´s EP called „Wonderland“!
„Long Live the Queen“ is about a young, very talanted singer who is doubting her life every once in a while due to her borderline disease. This song shall give her courage to not take those demons inside her head too seriously but to focus on the beauty in life, and even more than that, to believe in her own strengths.

foXee & Lukas Jakob #1

“We are Stars” is the first cooperation between the young multitalent and patron of art Lukas Jakob and foXee. This impelling pop-track tells the story of two people magically attracted by each other but in the end not meant for each other: two stars that would collide if their orbit would ever cross and the realization that each of them shines brighter alone.

ixdream feat. foXee #2

Continuing their great cooperation under the sign of Electrocross, Ixdream and foXee combined funky guitars, brilliant beats, and again foXee´s delicate vocals for an at the same time warm and dancy version of the well down disco classic Ring My Bell. Melt away by listening to the radio edit or dance your a… off along to the orange pepper mix.

ixdream feat. foXee #1

There was nothing more obvious to the producer than choosing foXee as a lead-singer for the worldwide popular hit by Cindy Lauper. Not only that foXee’s hair color brings the right look, but also the sound of her voice is as captivating as Cindy’s, encapsulated in a modern guise.
Listen to the EDM Radio Edit now!

Bekannt durch


Poetry and Passion

From childhood foXee loved to write poems. About the world, about love, about the many colors of grass and how dark tree bark looks in spring. And those who knew the little girl know to report that she sang even before she could speak.

As a singer songwriter, foXee now combines both, though it’s rarely clear which comes first: the thought or the melody.

And that’s how these songs came into being, which foXee currently summarizes under the term Wonderland: she sings about a life full of disappointed love, great hopes and the will to always get up again and take new courage. In doing so, she sees the world through the eyes of Alice in Wonderland, where one can only marvel at what bizarre and fantastic experiences life has in store each and every day.

Come and dive into Wonderland!

Give Me A Reason Is Out Now!


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foXee wins WDR2 POP!

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2x foXee @ The Expo 2020 in Dubai

foXee performed two times at the Expo 2020 in Dubai. She was invited to support the customer event of Waagner Biro steel & glass GmbH as well as the Arab Austrian Chambers Day, both in the VIP lounge of the sliver price awarded Austrian Pavillon....

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Nov 11!! Be ready for the next single release! This time it´s all under the sign of Country Pop and foXee´s vocals are more voluminous than ever before. “Sould I stay or should I go?” This we often ask ourselves in relationships. And often all it takes is that one...

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foXee @ Paillette geht immer

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Orange Days – Against Voilence Against Women and Girls

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The artist

foXee Queen of Glam-Pop

This is the shimmering glamour of the 80s fused with the electronic gloss of modern beats of our capital city – crowned by the artist’s delicate vocals, glamorous show, and pulsating Electrocross.

About foXee
foXee Queen of Glam-Pop

foXee stands for


As a matter of course foXee creates the fusion of galmorous pop and the electronic glamour of the capital city beats in her Electrocross.


foXee is the embodiment of courage and determination. Emotional, complex, mysterious, the artist lives an example of courageous femininity. She gives courage: courage to stand up, courage to change one’s perspective and to stand up for one’s own power.


Without question, the artist foXee is the consistent answer to the questions of modern womanhood: voice, courage and heart.






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